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Location, location, location!

"Where do you go for all your outdoor shoots?" That is one of the first questions a lot of people have when booking a session for outdoor photographs. It is stressful enough trying to coordinate large families, work schedules, outfits, trying to keep faces clean and hair brushed on little ones (mom's out there you know what I'm talking about, it's like trying to wrestle a piece of jello to mold it into something pretty...NOT an easy task) and all the other little things you have to worry about. Well let me tell ya location doesn't have to be one of the things for you the client to worry about. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all the input and ideas my clients come up with for locations but I myself have a lot to choose from as well around the Independence, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids area. I know where to go for the perfect shot surrounded by trees, an urban look more to your liking I know the best buildings to pose up against, for those interested in the water type of background don't worry I know right where to find that as well. Talk to me for a few minutes and share your visions on what you want to see and I will show you some great places to shoot so sit back, relax, and enjoy wrestling that jello a.k.a. child

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